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  • Photos by Tyler Curtis

  • Photos by Heath Grout

  • Photos by Heath Grout

  • Photos by Heath Grout

  • Photos by Heath Grout

  • Photos by Heath Grout

  • Photos by Heath Grout

  • Photos by Heath Grout

  • Photos by Tyler Curtis

Photos by Heath Grout  Photos by Tyler Curtis

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Hello – My name is Joe Lucchese

I am what you’d call a relationship architect, a marketing consultant and an event producer. And I have nearly 20 years of experience being those things.

Some of my credits include world tours with bands such as U2 and the Black Eyed Peas; national tours with Kings of Leon, Phoenix and The Police; special events like the Big Buck Hunter World Championship, Comic Con and the Billboard Music Awards; fashion shows with Dolce & Gabana and Paul Frank; beverage programs with Level Vodka, Chivas Studio and St. Pauli Girl, and consulting with companies in the video game, music and entertainment space.


My saga begins in Nevada’s dusty, neon desert… It’s not unlike Luke on Tatooine.



A New Hope

As a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas I honed my passion for building relationships, and producing marketing campaigns and live events. After graduating, I spent a few years executing high-caliber events at the Fremont Street Experience and Fashion Show Center on the Las Vegas Strip. By 2005, I was ready to go at it on my own and so I founded EventJoe.

It was during this time that EventJoe expanded its breadth of experiences while I worked on projects like Operation MySpace Kuwait and the Good Vibrations Australia Tour, TV shows, commercials and music videos with American Idol, Ridley Scott’s BMW films, the Flaming Lips and more.

It was a busy and exciting time when new business was developed, relationships were forged and events were successful. Overall, I touched down on 4 continents, 30-something countries and 483079_10151222305841548_356384902_n200-plus cities having consulted and produced over 400 shows and more than 600 events.


Empire Strikes Back

While I was seeing the world from backstage, I took an opportunity to work with NCompass, an international-experiential marketing agency. The shows and events produced were on a global scale, and that relationship led to a chance for me to put away my suitcase and take a fulltime position with NCompass by opening their Chicago office, developing new business and producing marketing programs.


HMG_9286logoReturn of the Jedi
But by early 2012, I was seeking a return to form. I breathed life back into EventJoe and developed an exclusive influencer series known as Pro-Ject. What followed was an evolution…

All of my years of fostering relationships and building headline-making events for a variety of clientele were put to use as I solidified myself in the market as a consultant and producer.

What I Do What EventJoe Does

Relationship Architect – Marketing Consultant – Event Producer

1 MONEYMonetization Strategy

A lot of brands and companies have different channels that can be leveraged to obtain profits. I work with you to seize this opportunity by creating better company decks, exploring efficiencies and creating an effective game plan based on your conditions and needs. My outsider perspective provides innovative thinking that influences your bottom line.


What you know is important. But so is whom you know, as well as knowing how to work with them. I utilize my network of professionals and move-makers to help with expanding your success. And fun will be had while doing it—high fives and hugs are not uncommon. After all, we’re in the business of people, of experiencing relationships. We might as well enjoy the best of it.

On the set of Quadrophenia - 70s Style and DesignMarketing Strategy

There are a million ways to market your brand and company using traditional and online techniques. I find that sweet spot between both by identifying your consumers and their passions then creating a relationship with them.


The idea is to make something beautiful and grand. Almost two decades of proven experience producing events and programs all over the globe ensures that whether working with an agency, a brand, an artist or band, a large-scale tour, a festival and everything in-between, success will be the end result.

My Work Our Works

My Work

Over the last two decades, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people.  Below is a cross section of some agencies, bands and projects that I have collaborated with.  It is a collection of my experiences and career ~

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